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2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Review, Specs and Price

Thursday, March 7th 2013. | Ferrari

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Review

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari release date has been carried out some time ago as the latest model of a special edition supercar variant. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari first debut at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari only be produced as many as 499 cars, this car has the overall exterior design and interior design is very sporty. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari defines the maximum expression of what defines a company ferrari. Other than that this car also has advantages in terms of technological innovation, performance, style visionary, and the sheer thrill of driving.

Ferrari LaFerrari 2014

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari an extraordinary car which is supported by the presence of advanced solutions that are presented on the car in the future, the new car is also a benchmark for the entire automotive industry. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari touted as one of the best expressions of the unique design and performance engineering with an unparalleled combination of design and know-how. For a company own Ferrari this car becomes a series of experiments with all the technological solutions that would filter down to production cars. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari will also be a successor to the Ferrari Enzo supercar market selling.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari using hybrid technology known as the HY-KERS, this technology is a perfect combination between maximum performance and exhaust emissions are lower. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari has only 330 g / km of CO2, but without the use of electric-only drive that will not fit the model of the car’s mission. This car is capable of reaching 220 g / km of C02 emissions in the combined cycle electric full-time position.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Exterior

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari has an exterior design with an architecture that pose challenges for fans of the Prancing Horse. This car has a pretty ideal weight distribution (59% on the back) and a very compact wheelbase despite the fact that most of the additional hybrid system. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari also designed with exterior appearance can provide a level of aerodynamic efficiency has been achieved with a street car. The exterior design of this car is presented to generate downforce when needed without sacrificing the overall drag coefficient of the car.

Ferrari LaFerrari 2014

Ferrari LaFerrari 2014

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari also have different performance parameters that can be monitored in real time by a dynamic control of the vehicle on the car. Thus will continue to guarantee the ideal configuration on the car when driving on the streets based on driving conditions. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari using a model of a combination of carbon fiber chassis, all hand-laminated and autoclave-cured in the racing department using the same design and manufacturing methods as a Formula 1 car. LaFerrari body as a whole has taken into account both the F1-inspired aerodynamic, being on the tail that emit uncompromising sportiness.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari rely on Brembo braking system which has been integrated with the technology of the hybrid system, and incorporates several new technology features. Included with the use of calipers with new models to continue to guarantee the correct cooling and carbon-ceramic material (CCM) discs featuring new compositions.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari using the legs of the models call for different tire size 265/30 R 19 Pirelli P-Zero on the front and 345/30 R 20’s specifically for the legs on the back.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Interior

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari in the interior design is very elegant and ergonomic with integrated features using dynamic control for the first time used on Ferrari road cars with active aerodynamics and HY-KERS system. The interior design of this car is also very supportive of the performance drivers to deliver uncompromising handling while driving. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari have an advanced level approach and uncompromising in the interior design featuring the HMI with inspired by the F1 single-seaters.

Ferrari LaFerrari Interior

Ferrari LaFerrari 2014

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari presents interior design with the layout of the cabin which contribute significantly to the level of high ergonomics and aerodynamics. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari also present performance seats with an extra level of comfort to the driver while the second pedal box and steering wheel can be adjusted according to taste. Making seat design done by consulting directly with the Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, who can to play an active role throughout the entire development process.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Engine

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari supported using performance package with a capacity of 6262 cc V12 engine that punches out 800 CV 9250 rpm and maximum revs. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari is also the first car in the history of Ferrari denagn supported using technology from HY-KERS system. Technology V12 engine is also combined using 120 Kw (163 CV) electric motor, which can deliver a combined power output of 963 CV. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari with powered electric motor performance makes it possible to optimize the performance of the internal combustion engine at higher revs with a constant supply of tremendous power throughout the rev range.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari have the technology expertise Scuderia model that allows for weight savings and size of each component and the battery weighs only 60 kg. 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari electric battery filling process done in a different way, that is every time V12 producing more torque than necessary, as in cornering the battery will charge. While the second example, instead being sent to the wheels, the excess torque on this car will be converted into energy and stored in batteries.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari powered by an electric motor combined with using the F1 dual-clutch gearbox for the benefit of the optimal weight distribution. This car can accelerate from 0-60 mph positions in less than 3 seconds, while achieving 0-120 mph in less than 7 seconds. It also has increased the efficiency of energy use as a direct torque used on the wheel, the wheel is then forwarded to the electric motor in the filling.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Specs

  • HY-KERS system
    • Total maximum power: 963 CV
    • Total maximum torque: >900 Nm
    • V12 maximum power: 800 CV @9000 rpm
    • Maximum revs: 9250 rpm
    • V12 maximum torque: 700 Nm @6750 rpm
    • Electric motor output: 120 Kw (163 CV)
    • CO2 emissions: 330 g/km
  • ICE
    • Type: 65-deg. V12
    • Total displacement: 6262 cc
    • Compression ratio: 13.5:1
    • Bore and stroke: 94 x 752 mm
    • Specific power: 128 CV/l
  • Gearbox: 7-speed DCT
  • Suspensions
    • Front: double wishbones
    • Rear: multi-link
  • Tyres: Pirelli P-Zero
    • Front: 265/30 – 19″
    • Rear: 345/30 – 20″
  • Carbon ceramic brakes (Brembo)
    • Front: 398 x 223 x 36 mm
    • Rear: 380 x 253 x 34 mm
  • Performance
    • Maximum speed: over 350 km/h
    • 0-100 km/h: <3 sec
    • 0-200 km/h: <7 sec
    • 0 – 300 km/h: 15 sec
  • Dimensions
    • Width: 1992 mm
    • Height: 1116 mm
    • Length: 4702 mm
    • Wheelbase: 2650 mm
    • Weight distribution: 41% fr, 59% r
  • Electronic controls
    • ESC: stability control
    • EF1-Trac: F1 electronic traction control integrated with the hybrid system
    • E-Diff 3: third generation electronic differential
    • SCM-E Frs: magnetorheological damping with twin solenoids (Al-Ni tube)
    • High performance ABS/EBD: Sistema frenata anti bloccaggio prestazionale /electronic brake balance

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Price

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari a performance car with a signature bridge as a function of milling F1 gearbox has taken on the form of a slender wing-like suspended. The selling price of this car will be priced automotive market with an range of MSRP $ 1.58 million (1.21 million euros) in Italy.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Pictures

Ferrari LaFerrari Wallpaper

Ferrari LaFerrari Price

Ferrari LaFerrari 2014

Ferrari LaFerrari 2014

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