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2014 BMW M3 Review, Price and Specs

Tuesday, December 11th 2012. | Bmw

2014 BMW M3 Review

2014 BMW M3 according to news circulating will make his debut in mid-March of next year at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. 2014 BMW M3 is the latest variant to be produced as a car that is intended to enliven the automotive trades at the beginning of next year. Some time ago, apparently the manufacturer BMW as the producer of the BMW M3 has been the process of testing on this car and the result is very satisfactory. At the time of the testing process test drive, 2014 BMW M3 is equipped with the technology of the Twin Turbo V8 engine that upgrades are able to generate tremendous power.

2014 bmw m3 Picture

2014 BMW M3 basically have the body design of the steel structure is adopted from the M3 a legend in the 80’s. However, with the changing times as the 2014 BMW M3 is now using a body made of aluminum base material. The use of an existing body on this car includes the doors and hood, so as to reduce the overall weight of the car. The end result is the car’s weight is now only account for less than 1605 kg. This car also experienced a reduction in the overall length of the inlet tract when compared with the turbo-vee arrangement regularly, finally able to make the throttle response and engine performance to be a little more aggressive.

2014 BMW M3 use this feature electro-mechanical steering system steering that can provide comfort and the importance of ergonomics and driver comfort while driving on the street. There are also automatic control system that is able to improve the ergonomics Tertiary and enjoyment while driving at high speed. Interior and exterior design is also very supportive if the car is driven at high speed.

2014 BMW M3 Exterior

2014 BMW M3 in section exterior design is now supported using trunk spoiler, splitter, as well as the form of additional air vents located on the hood that serves to reduce the heat in the engine. This also uses bumper car models that will be the trend in the year 2014. 2014 BMW M3 has the exterior design and appearance that is different from the previous generation ever produced by the manufacturer. Display now looks elegant exterior design, aerodynamic and sporty when compared with the model car class.

2014 BMW M3 Wallpaper

2014 BMW M3 Release Date

2014 BMW M3 on the foot-rigid using the rim size 18-inch wheels that prop up this car. The legs more aggressive and using sport rims painted black using the BMW logo in the middle of the rim are increasingly making the legs become more elegant. Entrusted to the lamp lighting system adaptive xenon headlights that can provide the perfect lighting and the look of the exterior.

2014 BMW M3 also comes with using damping suspension system that can be programmed and setup automatically with EDC technology, so as to reduce and control the stability of the suspension system works automatically in accordance with the wishes without opening suspension.

2014 BMW M3 Interior

2014 BMW M3 on the interior design of the system using mode 4 passengers. The interior design is equipped with a sport model leather seats with power-adjustable manual located on the front while the rear two seats using split-folding seat. The roof is able to show the impression of luxury with the use of carbon fiber material with a little special touch to produce an elegant and aerodynamic. The interior design also made it ergonomic so it makes its own pleasure when the driver and passenger of this car up.

2014 BMW M3 Interior

2014 BMW M3 is also supported by the use of the service peket CD sound system HD radio and extra audio jack located on the sport sedan’s dashboard. There are also features Bluetooth, BMW Assist, and a USB / iPod interface is presented to provide entertainment in the form of infotaimen or radio to drivers and passengers while on the streets.

2014 BMW M3 Engine

2014 BMW M3 powered by using the technology of the twin-turbo V8 engine that is able to deliver exceptional performance. V8 twin-turbo engine is the same as used in the BMW M5 and BMW M6 models. But this machine has diupgarde to generate power is a little more aggressive when compared to previous models. Has a V8 engine with a capacity of 3.0 liter kitchen runway reach new version. 2014 BMW M3 was able to generate power of 429 hp @ 8300 rpm and maximum torque generated reaches 405 lb-ft. This sport sedan is also able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just the position within 4.6 seconds.

2014 BMW M3 not only to use your drive in the form of a twin-turbo V8 engine only. But the twin-turbo V8 engine has been combined with a six-speed manual transmission with a limited slip rear differential that uses a rear wheel drive system as standard. As well as fulfilling taste choices that can be tailored to the wishes of the buyers. Automatic transmission system is also offered with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (M DCT) which is able to provide manual operation via steering wheel-piece paddle that can work automatically and efficiently.

2014 BMW M3 for the use of fuel efficiency is no doubt. Fuel efficiency reaching up to 20 mpg for the use of city streets, and 16 mpg for highway driving.

2014 BMW M3 Price

2014 BMW M3 is a kind of concept car with four passengers were being prepared for release in the summer stairs by 2014. The price of this sports sedan will be priced at $ 68,750 price range reach. This price also must be supported by all packets interior, exterior and engine performance generated by this car.

You also need to be proud that the price also includes the cost of the first year’s taxes and the cost of postage to your destination or address of the purchaser.

2014 BMW M3 Pictures

2014 BMW M3

2014 BMW M3 Wallpaper

BMW M3 Blue 2014

2014 BMW M3 Price

2014 bmw m3 Wallpaper

2014 BMW M3

2014 BMW M3

2014 BMW M3 Picture

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